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SYLLABUS: NS 1 Syllabus 2020_2021.doc

NS1 Text Book

* Note about online classes.  Students must attend online class just as they would in person.  You must be dressed in appropriate school attire (no pajamas or inappropriate t-shirts).  You must have your camera turned on during class.  Be on time.  Participate.  Ask questions.  Although online class is a bit different than in person, I am positive that we can have a productive and successful class with your engagement.  

Uniform:  We will be having uniform inspection virtually.  Once you are fitted and have the uniform we will wear them each Thursday for class.  Again, you must have your cameras turned on so I can see to grade you.  Normally we wear them all day in school but in a virtual world you have a choice.  Wear it during my class for credit.  If you chose to stay in uniform throughout the school day I will give you extra credit.  To receive the extra credit you will take a photo, or screenshot, of the other classroom Zooms you are in, and submit them to me that Thursday.

Grading:  Assignments, classwork and assessments will be graded just like if we were in person.   Please make sure you adhere to the due dates and submit your classwork on time in order to be eligible for the highest grade possible.  I expect engagement and participation during the classroom sessions.  If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at: 

REMIND:  Please join my class REMIND account.  This will give you a quick way to contact me in the event of online connectivity issues or other concerns.  

To join: Send a text to 81010. Text message: N34267



***ASSIGNMENTS***  Assignments will be posted in CTLS. 

Book related information is below.  The textbook is accessible via the link.  


General Knowledge requirements are as follows:

1. Semester 1:  All Cadets will be working on the general knowledge requirements for Seaman Apprentice (E-2) until October 1st.  Post October 1st through December cadets need to add in the requirements for Seaman (E-3)

Beginning of the  school year through Mid-October ..

Unit 1 Chap 1 : NS1-U1C1 - Overview of NJROTC.pdf

Unit 1 Chap 2: NS1-U1C2 - Your Career Path.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 1 PT1: NS1-U2C1S1 - Importance of Good Followership1.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 2 PT1: NS1-U2C2S1 - Leadership Behavior and Styles.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 2 PT2:  NS1-U2C2S2 - Effective Leadership.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 2 PT3:   NS1-U2C2S3 - Qualifications for Leadership.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 3 PT1: NS1-U2C3S1 - Motivation and Human Needs.pdf

Mid-October through the Thanksgiving break...

Unit 2 Chap 3 PT 2: NS1-U2C3S2 - Coaching and Mentoring.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 4 PT1: NS1-U2C4S1 - Relationships and Respect.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 4 PT2: NS1-U2C4S2 - Relationships and Groups.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 5 PT 1:  NS1-U2C5S1 - Perspective and Attitudes.pdf

Unit 2 Chap 5 PT2:  NS1-U2C5S2 - Actions, Attitudes and Emotions.pdf

Post Thanksgiving break through the end of the semester...

Unit 3 Chap 1 PT1: NS1-U3C1S1 - Laws and Your Role as a Citizen.pdf

 Unit 3 Chap 1 PT2: NS1-U3C1S2 - The Role of Government.pdf

Unit 3 Chap 2 PT1: NS1-U3C2S1 - Declaration of Independence and Constitution.pdf

Unit 3 Chap 2 PT2: NS1-U3C2S2 - The Constitution and Bill of Rights.pdf

Unit 3 Chap 2 PT3: NS1-U3C2S3 - The Bill of Rights and Other Amendments.pdf

Unit 3 Chap 3 PT1: NS1-U3C3S1 - US Defense Structure and Navy Organization.pdf

Unit 3 Chap 3 PT2: NS1-U3C3S2 - The Navy, Army and Air Force.pdf

Unit 4 Chap 1 PT1: NS1-U4C1S1 - The Mission of Navy Ships.pdf

Unit 4 Chap 1 PT2: NS1-U4C1S2 - Types of Ships.pdf

Unit 4 Chap 1 PT3: NS1-U4C1S3 - Ships, Customs and Courtesies.pdf

Unit 4 Chap 2 PT1: NS1-U4C2S1 - Background of Naval Aviation.pdf

Unit 4 Chap 2 PT2: NS1-U4C2S2 - Naval Aircraft and Missions.pdf


(Use for informational purposes only. Not currently being taught in class)

SEMESTER 2 TOPICS (Currently Closed)

January up to the February break...

Unit 5 Chap 1 PT1: NS1-U5C1S1 - Components of Fitness.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 1 PT2: NS1-U5C1S2 - The FIT Principle.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 1 PT3: NS1-U5C1S3 - Choosing the Right Exercise Program.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 2 PT1: NS1-U5C2S1 - Evaluating Your Physical Fitness.pdf

Post February Break up to SB...

Unit 5 Chap 3 PT1: NS1-U5C3S1 - You Are What You Eat.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 4 PT1: NS1-U5C4S1 - Nutrition - Nourishing your Body.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 5 PT1: NS1-U5C5S1 - Dietary Guidelines.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 6 PT1: NS1-U5C6S1 - Nutrition and Obesity.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 6 PT2: NS1-U5C6S2 - Planning a Balanced Diet.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 6 PT3: NS1-U5C6S3 - Special Diets and Evaluating Foods.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 7 PT1: NS1-U5C7S1 - Taking Care of Yourself.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 8 PT1: NS1-U5C8S1 - Understanding and Controlling Stress.pdf

Post SB through the end of the year...

Unit 5 Chap 9: U5C9S1 - Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse; Alcohol.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 9 PT1: U5C9S2 - Drugs - Part 1.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 9 PT2: U5C9S3 - Drugs - Part 2.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT1:  NS1-U5C10S1 - Overview of First Aid and Life-Saving.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT2:  NS1-U5C10S2 - CPR and Emergency First Aid.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT3:  NS1-U5C10S3 - Burns.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT4:  NS1-U5C10S4 - First Aid for Poisons, Wounds and Bruises.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT5:  NS1-U5C10S5 - Heat and Cold Weather Injuries.pdf

Unit 5 Chap 10 PT6:  NS1-U5C10S6 - Bites, Stings, Poisonous Hazards (Snakes/Spiders).pdf