Teams planning on departing the ATL area on Sunday, March 19th, please plan a late enough departure, so as not to miss your flights. ATL-Hartfield is about 1 hour from the park and you should plan to arrive 2 hours before your flight for rental car turn in, check-in, security, and tram ride to your flight.  While they are generally quite efficient at moving you along, this is the busiest airport in the U.S.  

We will likely have two start window's, from 0900-1200 and 1000-1300, each day.  Earlier starts on Saturday will start later on Sunday, and vice versa.  If you desire an earlier start on Sunday to facilitate leaving the park earlier, please let me know; you will start later on Sunday.

For your planning purposes, I anticipate awards occurring between 1600 and 1630 on Sunday.  With a Sunday 0900-1200 start block, your runners should be off the course no later than 1500, assuming they started at 1200. A 1300 start would have them off the course, nlt 1600.

I am not asking for all schools to send me start block times, but if travel coming in Saturday A.M. or out Sunday P.M. is an issue, please email me and we will accommodate the best I can.