NJROTC has many required forms in order to participate in the program.  Cadets are given folders containing all the required forms, that need to be signed and returned, the first day of school but in the event a form is lost you can download it from here. Please print the form and fill-out in its entirety and submit.

2020_2021 Activity Fee Form.pdf

Blanket NJROTC Permission Form.pdf

AAM Indemnity.pdf

Cadet_Info_Form HHS.pdf


NJROTC Standard Release 2021.pdf

Training Time Out.pdf

NJROTC Health Risk Screening (HRS) 2021.pdf.  (This form needs to be done in conjunction with the CCSD school physical forms. If any HRS questions are marked "YES" then a medical practitioner must signed the form).

2020_2021 CCSD Sports Physical Form.pdf