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Welcome back!   We are half way through the school year and what a successful first half.  As we return there is a lot to do coming up.  Competitions, community service events, championships, military ball and awards night just to name a few.  Get ready to hit the deck with your feet running.  You have proven time and time again how good you are as a team...let's keep it up!!!

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Forms link: NJROTC has some forms, as well as a school physical, that must be completed.
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Congratulations to ALL of our competitive teams who qualified for their respective state championships: (Hillgrove is one of ONLY 4 NJROTC Units in GA to qualify for ALL five NJROTC championships).  There are 61 eligible NJROTC units in Area-12.

Academic (Brain Brawl) - 14th Place
Air Rifle - 3rd Place State
Drill/Academic/Athletic Competition  - 9th Place State
Drone Team - 6th Place State
Orienteering - 2022 NAVY NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! (Back-to-Back)
Program History and Info imageProgram History and Info imageProgram History and Info image
The Hillgrove Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) was established in 2009. We are part of the Area-12 region with its headquarters located in Jacksonville, FL. Although we are one of the youngest units in the nation we have quickly excelled to the top of the charts to include holding numerous Orienteering and Academic State Championship titles.  We are also the current back-to-back Navy National Orienteering Champions.  We have also been designated a “DISTINGUISHED UNIT WITH ACADEMIC HONORS” for eight consecutive years; an honor reserved for the top performing NJROTC units in the nation.  We are ranked #2 of the 61 schools within Area-12 and #1 in the state of Georgia. Our annual cadet enrollment is approximately 105 cadets.

There are costs, although minimal, associated with field trips and competition teams, but all required uniforms are supplied at no cost to the cadet. NJROTC is an elective class (CTAE) and part of the cadet's daily school schedule. NJROTC is NOT a military recruiting program and cadets have no military obligation resulting from participating in the NJROTC program. If a cadet chooses to pursue a career in the military they can receive up to a 2-step enlisted pay increase or access to military scholarships for those interested in pursuing a commission as a military officer. Qualified cadets are eligible to apply for ROTC scholarships or appointments to military academies, including scholarships only available to NJROTC cadets. Here at Hillgrove our mission is simple, "Better prepare our students for whatever their chosen career path is after high school."

NJROTC/PE/Health Credit: The Cobb County School District allows 3 credits in NJROTC to satisfy the PE/Health high school graduation requirement. Students will earn four credits for three NJROTC classes.

The NJROTC program was authorized by the JROTC Vitalization Act of 1964. The mission of the NJROTC program is “to instill in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.” The NJROTC curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development. Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by community service activities, academic, drill, marksmanship, orienteering, and drone competitions, visits to industry and college campuses, and numerous other activities. We follow and instill the Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment and feel that active cadets will see the greatest benefits in personal growth, leadership development, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Current Year 2022-2023
Academic -
Air Rifle -
Drill -
Drone -
Orienteering - 


Academic - Finished 1st and 3rd place Regionals.  Finished 14th at the Area-12 (State) Championship
Air Rifle -3rd at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Drill - Finished 1st place at Regional qualifying meet.  Finished 9th at Area-12 (State) Championship
Drone - 2nd place regionals and 6th at Area-12 State Championship
Orienteering - 2nd Place at Area-12 (State) Championship and 2022 Navy National Orienteering National Champions (Back-2-Back).  Nationals held near San Jose, CA.

Academic - Finished 14th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Air Rifle - Finished 7th at the Area-12 (State) Championships held at the CMP in Anniston, AL.
Drill - Finished 7th at the Area-12 (State) Championships

Drone - qualified for the state championships but unable to attend.
Orienteering - Back-to-Back STATE CHAMPIONS.  3rd time in 4 years. 

DISTINGUISHED UNIT WITH ACADEMIC HONORS - 6TH YEAR IN A ROW (Ranked 2nd out of Area-12's 60 units and #1 in Georgia)
Academic - Finished 14th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Air Rifle - Finished 11th at the Area-12 (State) Championships held at the CMP in Anniston, AL.
Drill - Finished 4th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Orienteering - STATE CHAMPIONS for the 2nd time in 3 years. 

DISTINGUISHED UNIT WITH ACADEMIC HONORS - 5TH YEAR IN A ROW (Ranked 3rd out of Area-12's 60 units)
Academic - Finished 7th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Air Rifle - Finished 14th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Drill - Finished 4th at the Area-12 (State) Championships and Received the CDR Richard Murra Motivational Award.  
Orienteering - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for the first time ever! 

Academic - State Champions for the first time.  Finished 15th at the National Championships held in Arizona
Air Rifle - Finished 8th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Orienteering - State Champions for the first time.  Finished 2nd at the National Championships held in Florida

Academic - Finished 5th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Air Rifle - Finished 8th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Orienteering - Finished 2nd at the Area-12 (State) Champions for the first time.  Finished 3rd at the National Championships held in Washington State.

Air Rifle - Finished 11th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Orienteering - Finished 3rd at the Area-12 (State) Champions for the first time.  

Drill - Finished 1st Regionally and 4th at the Area-12 (State) Championships

Academic - Finished 5th at the Area-12 (State) Championships and 8th place at the Nationals.
Drill - Finished 1st Regionally and 8th at the Area-12 (State) Championships

Academic - Finished 6th at the Area-12 (State) Championships
Drill - Received the CDR Richard Murra Motivational Award

Drill - Finished 5th at the State Wild-Card competition

Academic - Finished 5th at the Area-12 (State) Championships and 9th at the National Championships.
Drill - Participated in our first ever regional drill competition and finished 3rd in numerous events.


NJROTC has many required forms in order to participate in the program.  Cadets are given folders containing all the required forms, that need to be signed and returned, the first day of school but in the event a form is lost you can download it from here. Please print the form and fill-out in its entirety and submit.

NJROTC Standard Release Form.pdf

Cadet Health Risk Screening (HRS).pdf  (Please complete this form in conjunction with the CCSD Sports Physical Form below. If any HRS question is marked "YES," a medical practitioner must signed part B of this form).

2022-2023 CCSD Sports Physical Form.pdf

Cadet Information Form.pdf

2022_2023 Activity Fee Form.pdf

Blanket NJROTC Permission Form.pdf

AAM Indemnity.pdf

Keep Cobb Beautiful Indemnity.jpeg


Training Time Out.pdf

Volunteer Contract KMTC 2022 Fall Minor.pdf

HHS Photo_Media Release Form.pdf


Stay up-to-date with all things NJROTC by following us on social media and Remind. 

Facebook – Information about weekly events and activities, as well as unit accomplishments and past events is highlighted here.  This is one of our primary means of communication.  Join our closed group by searching and requesting to join “Hillgrove Navy JROTC.” 

Instagram – This page is used to highlight many of our events and accomplishments.  Follow us at “Hillgrove Navy JROTC.” 

Twitter – We have a Twitter page, but honestly don’t post a ton to it.  Fell free to follow us at “Hillgrove Navy JROTC.” 

Remind – Each class (Platoon) will have their own Remind where the class leader (Platoon Commander) can help them remember upcoming events, etc.  All cadets and parents are encouraged to join these Reminds to stay up-to-date.                             

Platoon Commander Reminds (Cadet Student Leaders)               

Alfa Platoon (1st Block) – text @f7fg3h to 81010               

Bravo Platoon (2nd Block) – text @hda784 to 81010               

Charlie Platoon (3rd Block) – text @Charlie-1 to 81010                             

Chief’s Class Reminds                

NS1 Period 1: Text @4f7c768 to 81010.  Alternate:                           

NS1 Period 2: Text @fkdfgh to 81010.  Alternate:                             

NS1 Period 3: Text @8b9gaa3 to 81010 Alternate:                               

LCDR’s Class Reminds               

LCDR Period 1:   Text @lcdr1st to 81010.  Alternate:               

LCDR Period 2:  Text @lcdr2nd to 81010.  Alternate:               

LCDR Period 3:   Text @lcdr3rd to 81010.  Alternate:                             

NJROTC Unit Remind – Used to contact entire unit when needed (Parents are welcome to join.)     

Text @hillgroven to 81010.  Alternate:

Seaman Apprentice


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Petty Officer Third Class


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Petty Officer Second Class


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Petty Officer First Class


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Chief Petty Officer


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Seaman Apprentice Study Guide

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Seaman Study Guide

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Petty Officer Third Class Study Guide

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Petty Officer Second Class Study Guide

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Petty Officer First Class Study Guide

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Chief Petty Officer Study Guide

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Departments & Roles image
The CO is the senior cadet responsible to the SNSI/NSI for all areas of the NJROTC program. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:
  1. Responsible for the overall guidance and direction of the unit.
  2. Meet a minimum of once per week with SNSI for leadership training and   mentoring in carrying out unit responsibilities.
  3. Carry out assigned tasks as provided by the SNSI/NSI.
  4. Establish clearly defined “SMART” goals for the unit and work toward achieving these goals. 
  5. Ensure these goals are clearly expressed to all cadets. Be familiar with the duties of all unit staff members and provide the necessary instruction and mentoring to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the unit.
  6. Maintain the highest standards of unit discipline, appearance, and morale.
  7. Practice sound leadership techniques and be aware of the leadership styles/effectiveness of the other unit staff members.
  8. Be responsibility for all unit functions and activities. Delegation of authority does not mean delegation of responsibility.
The XO will support the CO in all respects and will be prepared to act on the CO's behalf in his/her absence. Specifically, the XO is responsible for:
  1. Carry out tasks assigned by the unit Company Commander or the SNSI/NSI.
  2. Be prepared to stand in for the Company Commander at any time.
  3. Maintain the unit EOY Report as a living document.
  4. Lead unit staff meetings.
  5. Ensure team commanders and event OIC’s submit proper event after action reports / records to the Administration Officer for proper recording in CDMIS.
  6. Continually assess progress toward achieving unit goals and make recommendations, where appropriate, to revising goals.
  7. Ensure that all team captains are properly documenting practice and competition attendance.
  8. Coordinate team photos for submission to the school yearbook.
  9. Assist with special projects and annual events, working closely with the SNSI, NSI, and other staff members.
  10. Monitor the training program to ensure that PARS and advancement exams are being properly completed.
  11. Ensure the effectiveness of the mentoring program and that all cadets in the unit are properly assigned a mentor upon joining the unit.
The CMC deals directly with enlisted cadets and reports directly to the CO. He/she takes care of disciplinary situations with the enlisted as well as the promotion process for individual cadets. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Responsible for the highest standards of discipline, conduct, and uniform appearance.
  2. Take muster at company functions, practices, staff meetings and report to the XO/CO.
  3. Assist the CO/XO in any way necessary to run the unit efficiently.
  4. Be prepared to form the company for drill or inspection in the absences of officers.
  5. Plan and supervise routine clean-up of unit spaces.
  6. Conduct a major field day of all unit spaces before command inspections and all other major evolutions.
The OPS officer will support the CO and XO in all respects. Specifically, the OPS officer is responsible for:
  1. Maintain / update the unit calendar.
  2. Ensure the Plan of the Week (POW) is properly prepared and submitted to the SNSI.
  3. Coordinate event requirements and sign-up sheets to ensure events needs are met. Finalize event sign-up sheets prior to each event.
  4. Be familiar with trip requirements, especially for drill, color guard, and athletic teams.
  5. Be prepared to fill in as Executive Officer as required.
  6. Ensure team commanders are proficient in their positions as team leaders.
  7. Assist CO/XO in special projects, to include AMI, field trips, parades, etc.
The Supply Officer reports directly to the NSI for supply related matters and to the XO for military matters. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Maintain inventory and accountability for all instructional material, organizational items, and uniform items.
  2. Coordinate the issue and turn-in of all uniform items.
  3. Conduct monthly inventory spot-checks to verify CDMIS information.
  4. Conduct annual (or as required) wall-to-wall inventories on uniforms, organizations, and minor property and submit as required.
  5. Control access to all unit supply storerooms.
  6. Ensure all storerooms are clean and orderly.
  7. Coordinate pick-up/delivery of uniforms from cleaners as required.
  8. Recommend to SNSI/NSI uniforms, gear, and books for survey, repair or cleaning.
  9. Ensure unit drill rifles, swords, and flags are clean, in good repair and properly accounted for.
The Administration Officer is responsible for personnel functions, including, but not limited to:
  1. Maintain all cadet administrative records in CDMIS.
  2. Record the minutes of unit staff meetings and provide copies to all staff members.
  3. Prepare unit forms and new cadet packets for issuance to all new cadets upon arrival.
  4. Maintain an accurate records of all forms received on an annual basis.
  5. Enter information into CDMIS for all event After Action Reports and promotions.
  6. Print promotion, cadet or month, award, and other certificates on a weekly basis for presentation during quarters.
  7. Track personnel awards, lettering qualifications, and advancement charts.
  1. Be responsible for the appearance, discipline, and conduct of cadets within their platoons at all times. You must be the example for leadership and uniform appearance.
  2. Maintain high proficiency within their platoons in drill, ceremonies, customs, courtesies, and appearance.
  3. Develop leadership in unit members and provide opportunities for each member to practice leadership training.
  4. Ensure accurate musters of their platoons during class and at all unit functions.
  5. Nominate cadets for junior and senior Cadet of the Month, as required.
  6. Ensure assigned cadets turn-in all required forms as needed by Supply and Admin.
  7. Check cadet folders once a week to ensure completion of PARS and PFT info.
  8. Assist classroom instructor in facilitating classroom instruction, as needed.
  9. Ensure morning/afternoon colors in properly conducted, when assigned.
  10. Act as a sponsor for newly assigned cadets during the school year, until a mentor is assigned.
  11. Ensure all spaces are maintained in a neat and organized manner every day.
The Training Officer reports to the CO via the XO. The training department is responsible for tracking the progress of all members to support awards and promotions. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Coordinate advancement testing of all platoon members, to include exam creation, administering, grading and promotion recommendations.
  2. Maintain advancement exam test bank.
  3. Ensure all PARS cards are adequately stocked/replenished.
  4. Coordinate quarterly PARS submissions and advancement exam schedule.
  5. Coordinate and conduct training for those cadets in need of additional training relating to general military knowledge and drill.
The 1st Lieutenant is responsible for the physical surroundings of classrooms and mess areas.
  1. Ensures physical surrounding appearance standards are met.
  2. Supervises and controls field mess space/provisions.
  3. Supervises maintenance and control of equipment through the Hillgrove NJROTC chain of command.
The Community Service Officer identifies, plans and coordinates community service activities consistent with eligible hours to earn community service ribbons:
  1. Responsible for identifying, coordinating, and conducting all community and school service opportunities.
  2. Provide timely notification to unit staff and instructors of all community and school service opportunities.
  3. Ensure all community and school service events are listed on the unit calendar.
  4. Coordinate signups for all events to meet event needs.
  5. Verify all community/school service event After Action Reports are properly completed and submitted in a timely manner following events.
  1. The PAO is responsible to the SNSI through the XO and the CO for the following:
  2. Maintain a close liaison with school/local media with regards to the unit, preparing monthly articles for submission to SNSI.
  3. Maintain a yearly unit scrapbook or file with pictures from all events.
  4. Maintain unit bulletin boards in a neat and orderly manner with updated event pictures.
  5.  Prepare and submit closed-circuit promotional slides to SNSI on a monthly basis.
  6. Coordinate creation of unit slideshow(s) for the End of Year Awards Banquet.
  7. Coordinate the publishing of a unit yearbook each spring.
  8. Coordinate photography (video and still) unit activities/events/competitions.
  9. Assist in managing Hillgrove’s NJROTC website.
  1. Responsible for coordinating all recruiting efforts for the unit.
  2. Setup recruiting events at feeder middle and elementary schools.
  3. Coordinate with the Color Guard Commander to provide Color Guards for local school PTA meetings.
  4. Track and recommend the recruiting ribbon for those cadets who successfully recruit two or more cadets into the NJROTC program.
  1. Responsible for proper training at all color guard members.
  2. Maintain and making recommendations for care and ordering of color guard equipment.
  3. Post and finalize all sign-up lists, as needed, to meet Color Guard requirements.
  4. Oversee performance of Honors Guard Captain.
  5. Coordinate competitive color guard drill team(s).
The Athletics Officer is responsible for the physical training of the cadets. Responsibilities include the following:
  1. Responsible for coordinating weekly Physical Training (PT) days.
  2. Coordinate with SNSI/NSI to conduct periodic mock PFT’s and classroom training.
  3. Coordinate with SNSI to compile athletic teams for Drill/Athletic competitions.
  1. Coordinate morning/afternoons colors sign-ups with Platoon Commanders.
  2. Track attendance binder to verify proper completion of colors.
  3. Verify the flag is properly hoisted and lowered each school day.
(Academic, Drill, Orienteering, and Rifle)
  1. Responsible for setting practice schedules for their respective teams.
  2. Conduct attendance at each practice, event, etc.
  3. Maintain an active roster of, and communications with all team members.
  4. Provide recommendations and rosters to SNSI/NSI for event/competition teams.
  5. Team Captains will be chosen cadets with final approval of SNSI/NSI.
The Chaplain provides the cadets a support system and spiritual support. Duties include:
  1. Responsible for coordinating and/or conducting prayers at all appropriate unit functions (i.e. Military Ball, Area Managers/Off-Site Inspection, End-of-Year Awards Banquet, etc.)
$ 100

Donation Amount


Donation Amount

LCDR Ronald Hojnowski, USN(Ret)

Senior Naval Science Instructor

ETC(SS) Allen W. Harris, USN(Ret)

Naval Science Instructor

Academic Team image
The Academic Team participates in Brain Brawls, drill meets and academic postals.  Brain Brawls are performed much like the college quiz bowls where a team of 4 utilizes buzzers during a random questions scenario.  Drill meets and postal competitions are performed via the Classroom Performance System or written tests. Practices are held in Chief's classroom IAW the Plan of the Week.  The Academic team travels across GA and to the Jacksonville, FL area to compete against other Area-12 schools.  The team is very competitive and were the 2018 Area-12 State Champions.
Air Rifle Team image
The Air Rifle team practices and competes IAW the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) 3-position rule book.  The 3 positions include: Prone (laying down), Standing, and Kneeling while shooting on a 10 meter range using authorized .177 caliber air rifles.  Competitions are conducted via Shoulder-to-Shoulder (STS) or postal matches.  The matches are shot in a 3X10 or 3X20 format with cadets attempting to score as high as possible to a perfect 300 or 600 match.  Teams consist of four members with cadets competing for individual and team awards.  Hillgrove's rifle team posted their best ever finish in 2022, finishing 3rd in the State Championship Sporter Division.  

Basic Teams

Under Construction

Exhibition Teams

Under Construction

Color Guard Team

Under Construction

Drone Team imageDrone Team image
The Drone Team competes against teams from across the state of Georgia and NE Florida.  Competitors complete in various drone competition areas such as obstacle courses, landing challenges, speed courses, and NFO challenges (flight direction assisted by a teammate) and academic quiz related to aeronautics and aerodynamics.  All equipment is provided by the unit.  In the teams first competitive year, Hillgrove finished 6th in the state and looks to improve on that standing this year.  Among our competitions this year, we will travel to Jacksonville, FL in Dec. to compete for a chance to participate in the state finals.
Orienteering Team imageOrienteering Team imageOrienteering Team image
Orienteering is a cross-country style race where runners locate control points over unfamiliar terrain using only a map and a compass.  It is an endurance race generally from 5 to 6 KM at the varsity level and taking the best runners 40 to 50 minutes to complete.  Runners use only a detailed map and compass to navigate unfamiliar terrain against the best teams from around the country.  Hillgrove cadets have won 3 of the past 5 State Championships (2018, 2020, and 2021) and are the the two-time defending National Champions having won the event in both 2019 (Los Angeles, CA) and 2022 (San Jose, CA). 

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is for the best of the best. Top performing cadets who will serve in leadership positions within the unit will spend a week during the summer learning additional leadership skills to enhance their abilities and better lead our unit to future success. Typically only 3 to 4 cadets per year will be afforded the opportunity to attend LA.

Sail Academy

Sail Academy is a weeklong summer activity within NJROTC that is designed to teach, train, and qualify cadets to operate a sailing vessel. The course is taught by Coast Guard certified instructors and graduating cadets earn certification to rent and sail vessels. This is a fun and interactive camp that involved classroom and on-the-water hands-on training.

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Cadets participate annually in a camp in Texas (Texas Junior Orienteering Camp) designed to enhance runner skills and prepare them to compete at the highest level and win Championships. TJOC has trained the last three Female Varsity National Orienteering Champions as well as the last two Navy National Team Champions, all of which reside right here at Hillgrove.

Basic Leadership Training (BLT)

Basic Leadership Training involved leadership training and skill, working physically and mentally to become the best version of you. It's pushing yourself to do things that you have never done before, such as water survival, rappelling, confidence courses, first aid, physical activities, drill, and other team related activities.


The Hillgrove Navy Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NJROTC) Cadet Parent Organization's (CPO) mission is to encourage support and interest in Hillgrove's NJROTC Program in order to increase the overall visibility and advancement of the program at Hillgrove High School and within the local community. The CPO is comprised of instructors, cadets, parents, and other community leaders who assist in organizing fundraisers and donations from local area businesses and provide other necessary parental assistance, in order to provide funding and support of NJROTC related programs and activities as developed by Hillgrove's Naval Science Instructors.

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Click the link to see this years photos

2018-2019 Hillgrove NJROTC Photo Gallery