New this year, we will allow up to three individual runners from each "Area" to compete at Navy Nationals.  See event LOI for an update.  

A maximum of three individuals from each area will be allowed, with no more than two runners from any one school.  Runners will compete on the Orange or Green/Brown courses ONLY; No 9th grade yellow runners, please.  Area managers will have final discretion on the individuals that will represent their areas.  

Each individual runner must be accompanied by at least an SNSI/NSI or through agreement, have another attending school SNSI/NSI take responsibility for all matter relating to their participation.

There will be a cost of $40 per attending SNSI/NSI and each parent to cover the cost of meals and event t-shirt.  Runner info, meals, and t-shirt info should be added to the lower section of the event registration page.