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NNOC 2023 Championship - Competition Day 2 information.

  • Date: 3/19/2023 07:15
  • Location Camp Rutledge Road, Rutledge, GA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Follow signs to Camp Rutledge


Competition day 2 (Sunday) information is provided.

The map below is of the Camp Rutledge area that will be utilized during NNOC 2023.  Teams may review this map to familiarize themselves with the park and the terrain to be utilized during both days of the competition.


Mapper Course Comments.pdf provided!  Review for info about the park and terrain that may be helpful to better familiarize yourself with the area.

NNOC 2023 Team Abbreviations.pdf These abbreviations will be used during the event to hopefully, better identify teams, geographic locations, and NJROTC areas for all involved.

Day 2 Course Summary - NNOC 2023 Sunday - March 19
Course      Controls      Length      Climb
YellowX           12                3.0 km      55 m    Male Intermediate
YellowY           12                3.0 km      60 m     Female Intermediate
OrangeX        12                4.6 km      115 m     Male JV
OrangeY         11                4.4 km      105 m     Female JV
BrownX           12                4.3 km      115 m     All Instructors
BrownY           13                4.6 km      115 m     Female Varsity
Green                12                5.3 km      135 m     Male Varsity

Saturday's Safety Bearing is 270 degrees (West). 

Sunday start times are located here!  Additionally, team change sheets are also provided.

NNOC 2023 Sun-Startlist Abbreviated Team Names.pdf


All teams who have last minute changes to their team roster can make changes on your team sheet.  All changes should be brought to the registration area, preferably on Friday, when checking in.  Very limited changes may be made Saturday morning.  Copies of the change sheets will also be located in team folders. 

What3Words (both days) "kinds.regrowth.necessary" - For those who desire the added safety, cadets may download the What3Words App prior to the event (have them practice).  They may carry their phones in the camelbaks (if desired) and can use this App by inputting the three words listed above each day to navigate back to the finish area.

Awards Ceremony anticipated at  3:30pm.